Activity cards created in collaboration with a psychologist for recognizing and coping with different emotions.

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  • 12 cards explaining emotions;
  • 24 activity cards.

The front of the emotion-explaining card features the name of the emotion and an illustrative image. On the back, there is an example of a situation that can evoke such an emotion and helpful questions for understanding the emotion.

The activity cards are helpful for managing emotions. Each card has the name of the activity, an illustrative drawing, and instructions for the activity. Emotions are divided into three categories.

🟢GREEN (happy, calm, grateful, proud);

🟡YELLOW (confused, anxious, jealous, helpless);

🔴RED (sad, scared, angry, disappointed).

The activity cards are labeled with the same colors. There are 8 different activities for each category.

Usage recommendation: When a child experiences a strong emotion:

  1. Look at the emotion pictures together and identify the emotion.
  2. Discuss the questions provided on the back of the emotion card.
  3. Randomly select an activity card that corresponds to the color associated with the identified emotion and follow the instructions on the card.

You can also explore the cards together at other times and engage in conversations using the guiding questions on the cards.