Welcome to Nupu webpage! Great to see you here! We are Dagmar and Karol - two friends who have decided to make learning exciting for both children and parents. We offer educational tools with an aesthetic appearance that function as a well-thought-out and complete system, which enable children to acquire broad-based knowledge, develop creativity and cultivate a desire to learn in a fun way.

How were Nupu products born? 

When Dagmar started teaching colors to her 2-year-old daughter, she couldn't find products that would allow her to do it in a creative and engaging way. Then he decided to buy colored papers, make envelopes, cut interesting shapes from the papers and let the child move the shapes into the envelope of the corresponding color. To prevent all places from being full of papers, he decided to attach the envelopes to a stronger base. Then came the idea that such a product could be more aesthetic and correct, and if you could make a necessary and beautiful product for yourself, you could also offer it to others. Dagmar turned to her friend Karol, who has long-term experience in the printing industry and never says no to a good development opportunity. As a result of several discussions, we arrived at a multifunctional magnetic board - so that the product could be used to teach various skills and knowledge to children of different age groups, and it would also be durable and long-lasting.

Why prefer Nupu products as a tool for your child's developement?

  • Uniqueness and novelty - as far as we know, there are no such multifunctional learning systems consisting of a magnetic board, posters and magnets. 
  • Continuous product development - new sets of posters and magnets can be added to the existing magnetic board easily, quickly and at low cost. 
  • Fun involvement - arouses children's interest, keeps children focused for longer, and involved learning helps new knowledge to take root better. 
  • Versatility - allows the child to acquire different knowledge and also develops motor skills. 
  • Long service life - suitable for children of different ages. Thanks to this, the number of potential customers and regular customers (new age-appropriate sets can be purchased as the child grows) is also larger. 
  • Integrity - a system that grows with the child. One product, many uses. Well-thought-out content and product design (including storage options for sets).
  • Aesthetics - the product fits into different interiors and also functions as an interior element.
What do we value in our everyday life?

All of our values are reflected in the personal and organizational functioning of team members, as well as in the development and production of products and in what we offer to our customers.
  • Creativity. The most important value of our company. Creativity is the origin of our products, and it is also one of the most important skills that we want to develop in children with our products. 
  • Integrity. Our products are complete in both content and form. The learning system grows with the child and enables the development of various skills and knowledge. The design of the products is also well-thought-out and complete - the board allows you to store posters and magnets with different topics in one place. 
  • Joy of constant development. We consider it important that continuous development is exciting and interesting for employees, the organization as well as customers and users of our products (children). Learning should not be a tedious task. 
  • Cooperation. We believe that working together can go further. We are constantly learning from the people around us, suppliers, partners. We are open to various cooperation projects. Our products allow parent and child to act together.
Where are Nupu products made?

Our products are manufactured and assembled in Estonia. We use high-quality raw materials and ethical partners.