Do you know what color a banana is? What about an elephant? Your important task is to sort 32 objects by color.
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Packaging contains
  • 1 poster (410 mm x 680 mm), material: Yupo Tako 
  • 32 magnets 
  • Cotton bag for magnet storage
How to use?

1. Attach the poster to the Nupu magnetic board

You can also attach the poster to other surfaces to which the magnet sticks. Note! The picture frame (magnetic board) is not included in the package. Carefully clean and dry the surface where you will attach the poster. After that, remove about 2 cm of background paper from the top of the poster and attach the top of the poster to the board. Peel off the background paper gradually, while smoothing the poster a little at a time against the board. If there are air bubbles under the poster, remove the necessary part of the poster and level it again.

2.Place the magnets in the suitable places on the poster.

3. You can store magnets in the cotton bag that comes with the package.

4. You can store posters on the back of the Nupu learning board. This way you can conveniently change sets or use the board for drawing or taking notes.

Warning! Contains small parts. Choking hazard. Use only under the direct supervision of an adult. Keep magnets out of the reach of children under 3 years of age. Contains magnets. A swallowed magnet can get stuck in the intestines and cause serious injuries. If a child swallows a magnet, seek medical attention immediately.

Developed and manufactured in the EU.